Event Description

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – 12th January, 2019

DWSSC   and Vigyan Foundation organized a wonderful 1-day open forum cum workshop for domestic workers and members of domestic workers unions from Lucknow and some other parts of Uttar Pradesh, on 12th January 2019, at Babian Inn (Lucknow).


The best part about the workshop was that each of the domestic workers present shared their views on:

  • How they believe that skill development can be helpful for them in future.
  • How they are always threatened by their counterparts who are as skilled as them, but are earning more just because they just can operate a new equipment.
  • Some young girls who used to work in houses earlier shared their experience on how by learning a special skill they secured a good job at a mall and an office too.

Overall, we were successful in imparting the idea that skill development is one of the core areas which can leverage the respect and dignity of domestic workers through professionalizing and organizing this sector.  It was exciting to see that the domestic workers were showing interest on their individual skill development and interacted with us regarding our job roles, placements, wages and migration.



Vigyan Foundation has been working towards empowering the domestic workers for the past 30 years and as of today, they have a very strong network across Uttar Pradesh and showcase powerful understanding of the said segment. Apart from spreading the word about DWSSC and the need for training in this domain, some of the noteworthy benefits that DWSSC had by attending this meet were:

  • The domestic workers who were present at the workshop registered their names for the first RPL batch with Vigyan Foundation.
  • Window of opportunity to get increased mobilization in Lucknow, Agra, Allahabad, Ghaziabad & Meerut.
  • Meeting various state union leaders and influencers at one platform.
  • Partner with Vigyan Foundation for future advocacy and create greater batches in coming months.


Built Process

It requires great collaborations, partnerships and workshops such as this for connecting the dots while working towards attaining our goal as an SSC and thus help commence the change we want to see in future.