Event Description

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 8th July, 2018

The National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) organized a 3-day coordinator’s meet from 6th-8th July 2018 at Mt Thomas International Center (Chennai, Tamil Nadu). The meet was attended by the Union leaders from different States like Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Assam, Meghalaya, Kerala and Jharkhand and a myriad of topics related to domestic workers and their empowerment were discussed.

DWSSC was invited by NDWM on 8th July to address the congregation on the importance of skilling the domestic workers and on how it improves their livelihood thereby making them financially stable and confident.



While the audience appreciated the vision and mission of DWSSC, they also raised some critical suggestions. Some of them were:

  • On how to ensure education of the children of the domestic workers once they start getting increased salaries.
  •  How to ensure that safe migration practices happens
  • How to help solve the problem of migration, as in how to help domestic workers to get a well-paid job in India itself without giving them situations to migrate outside India.
  • How to conduct training in case we don’t have a training center in the area where we have
    a good number of domestic workers ready to get trained.

Built Process

It requires great collaborations, partnerships and events such as this for connecting the dots while working towards attaining our goal as an SSC and thus help commence the change we want to see in future