NASHIB Mahasangh



Established on 24th October 2016, NASHIB Mahasangh stands for NavBharat, Agrotech, Skill Development, Housing, and Industrial-Business Mahasangh. It is committed to promoting sustainable equitable and just development in India. The main role of NASHIB is to bind the citizens with all the benefits applicable government (Central & State) policies for their socio-economic development.  The main aim and objective of the organization is to act as a mediator between the Government of India and its citizens so as to provide the citizens all the good schemes, subsidies and help provided by the GOI and create awareness in them about all their rights and duties and make such a socio-economic environment for all so that every individual can earn enough to get his/her basic requirements for the family with growth in their quality of life and create a happy society.


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