Qualification Packs
DWSSC in association with the Stackholders has developed certain frameworks for various types of job roles in the sector. These roles have been mapped for Households/Institutions/Academy  across the country and are aligned to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The following Qualification Packs are the core standards for the job roles, which have been created on the basis of Industry requirements and feedback. However, each households in the country might have certain additional selection criteria for a job role, which candidate would have to comply with for employment.

Please note that these roles are mapped for households across the industry. Hence, these are the core standards for that job role, and each employer might have more than these parameters for that specific role holder.
List of QP-NOS


  1. General Housekeeper                                  Download File
  2. Housekeeper cum Cook                              Download File
  3. Child Caretaker                                             Download File
  4. Elderly Caretaker (Non-Clinical)              Download File